Rakesh Kumar Goyal & Alka Gupta:

“Seema Shridhar helped us sell an investment property (Condo rented out).  We know her from last 10 years and she has always been professional and energetic. When we came to know that she became a realtor, I kept telling my wife to hire her to sell our Condo, the same Condo we tried to sell through another realtor (experienced working with big real estate company) 1 year ago. He could not sell it, so instead we decided to rent out the condo.

She came to our first meeting enthusiastic and well prepared. She did many things throughout the sale process including: proposing an efficient sale process, taking photographs, and giving me thoughtfully critical advice on choosing the right sale price. We could not believe that she put the open house in just 3 days. Her work was very quick and efficient. The sale went very well–she brought in 4 offers, all above asking price.  She was there for every moment from the open house to the inspection of the house. She also helped to carefully decide and delete inappropriate subjects. I can’t wait to work with her again.

Thanks Seema,
Strong Work”

Beth Turcsan:

“One Saturday afternoon meeting, spent on me at the Mall Kiosk by Seema, has marked our beautiful friendship and a fair business deal. Her patience, dedication, knowledge and hard work has paid off.  When all was said and done, she did her best to find us a perfect house we were looking for.  She has an open heart and jolly attitude to different cultures and listens to what clients really ask for. Confident, responsible and trustworthy are a few of her real charm as a Realtor. We made the  right decision when we chose her as our agent and gladly refer her to anyone who needs her services.”


Shallu Chopra:

“We couldn’t have chosen a better realtor than Seema Shridhar . She was pleasant, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Seema’s advice and professionalism made the whole process effortless.   Her timeliness and professionalism with respect to the presentation of our home allowed our property to receive above the asking price.  Because of her great service model we ended up hiring her as a realtor again for our one bedroom condo. As expected she went above and beyond and sold our condo for the above asking price.  We would highly recommend her services to anyone who is wishing to sell their home.  It is very difficult to find a true professional these days.”

Sunny & Veronica Bhanot:

“We were extremely pleased with Seema’s expertise and services for the recent sale of our house.  From the first day we met her we could tell she loves her job. She had answers to all of our questions, from when to put it onto the market, pricing, staging and more. Seema was amazing, she was always just a phone call away.  Even when we bought our house we must have looked at about 30 houses in search for our dream home, she was always there ready to go with a big smile. We have not only gained a realtor but also an amazing friend.”

Grace Korczyk:

“Thank you for your kind help with selling my house.  I want you to know I consider you more as a dear friend of mine than a real estate agent.  Even though I met you only a few months prior to putting my house on the market.   Thank you for your conveying personality, your amazing energy, your sense of homour and certainly your knowledge of real estate.  I felt completely protected through the entire process of selling my home.  I wish you all the best and may God bless you and your family.”